To view all the various tracing options . Choose the icon at the top of the options bar . As in the image below: tracing-options-in-illustrator-where-are-they-found image-tracing-options-in-illustrator in the view part you can choose how to view the paths that will emerge from the tracing; is a relatively useful option for understanding how complex the paths you are creating are. View-paths-in-tracing-illustrator however . The image tracing game is played in the color section and in the “advanced” section . In these locations . Which you find in the image tracing panel . You will be able to actually choose how faithful the paths should be to the photo and how many colors to keep.

And then continue to modify the

 Here is an example . Below . Of how the europe email list slider of the paths . The angles and the number of colors affects the final result of the tracing. Options-of-tracing-precision-paths-and-number-of-colors edit image tracing – expansion once the result (preview) satisfies you we can move on to the so-called “expansion” ; term rather known to illustrator users to mean the possibility of selecting and modifying paths following an operation (such as the application of a filter) to expand . And then continue to modify the vectorized image as if it were a set of paths  . Just press the expand button in the tracing options panel . Or in the options bar at the top.


On the surface they seem simple

 Et voilà . You can now continue to make EF Leads all the  necessary changes with the tools that illustrator offers you . Recolor the drawing  . Cut and delete the parts that do not interest you. Expand-the-trace conclusions transforming a photo . A logo . An image (raster) into editable paths in illustrator is quite simple thanks to the image tracking options . For excellent work we recommend that you prepare the image in photoshop and then work with the advanced section of the tracing panel in illustrator. On the surface they seem simple operations but they could be a bit of a puzzle for beginners; this is why we at espero can help you with ad hoc courses dedicated to illustrator and photoshop ; contact us without hesitation to find out more and consult our calendar dates.


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