Rand: so we have some tactics this week, some tips for folks who are thinking about google+. The first question that I get, I got this from someone who is speaking at mozcon, he said to me, “Boy, google+. Feels like it is really early to be adopting that. Very early to be jumping in. Not yet a ton of value from participating.” and I strongly disagreed.

Will: this is the time.

Rand: now is the time. Jumping in early is when marketers can get outsized returns, and by learning the system early and growing your participation early on, I think you can do exciting things. One of the things I noticed is that my profile on facebook has, I believe, 1,780 followers right, but my google+ profile circles has 9,980. So facebook is a lot bigger.

Will: I haven’t checked mine, but I am sure it is right up there

Rand: I am sure it is. But google+ is clearly getting adopted by some people.

Will: and I think the problem, I guess the Rich People Phone Number List thing people are raising, is they feel like those people aren’t relevant to them. So, if you are an in-house marketer at, I don’t know a pet store, if these are all other marketers, are they the people that you want to be talking to?

Rand: or tech people or startup people

Special Database

Will: exactly. I guess to that we are saying, “Yes, start now, but pay attention to the fact that that is the current audience.”

Rand: I couldn’t agree more. So, the first tip that EF Leads we have is to build out a robust, complete, useful profile. What are the essentials of this?

Will: well, I think the number one, for me, well, apart from genuine contact detail, your name and so forth, is the photo.

Rand: yes.

Will: I think that’s the most memorable thing. There are so many people where you know their avatar.

Rand: yeah.

Will: I think bright colors work well. I think headshots work well. Especially here, where it’s you. It’s a person.

Rand: right. Well, and they won’t allow brands at this stage.

Will: right.

Rand: so using a non-authentic photo, I agree with you.

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