YouTube videos of the products in action. Here is a great original photo showing the results of one of our product testing experiments. And here’s a YouTube video they made specifically for this product review. Highlight your experience to increase your EEAT EEAT – short for Experience, Expertise, Authoritative and Trust – is a key Google ranking factor. When providing product reviews, Google wants to verify that you have hands-on experience with the products you’re talking about. To prove this, you need to share original photos and videos that show you’ve used the products and use first-person language to highlight your experience. Example: “When I vacuumed the carpet, I discovered that …” To learn more about building an EEAT, read our article What is EEAT SEO? How to optimize it on the website.

Create visually appealing content controls

Embedding visually appealing widgets is another way to make your affiliate marketing content more engaging. Some good examples can be found on high-quality sites such as The Wirecutter, Sleep Foundation, and The Points Guy. A great comparison chart for Wirecutter : Contemporary and Aesthetic Products section from Sleep Belgium Phone Number List product information from An amazing range of product features for Points Guy : The Points Guy Product Details Don’t be afraid to experiment with your creations, taking inspiration from both your niche and outside. If you do not know how to create them, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Create blocks . She isWordPress pluginsfree and easy that will allow you to copy most of these designs. I also recommend the Youtube channel Admin bar , because they have great tutorials on how to use it. 10.

Emulate the best affiliate marketers

When creating the perfect affiliate marketing strategy, it’s wise to take inspiration from some of the biggest players in the game. By analyzing what they do best, you can create more engaging, informative and visually appealing content for your target audience. Sites like NerdWallet, Modern Castle, and Swim University all have unique strengths that you can learn from and incorporate into your content. NerdWallet : Useful and well-designed calculators Nerdwallet Mortgage Calculator VPNMentor : sidebar optimized for PR vpnmentor sidebar box EF Leads Swimming University : High quality graphics showing how the products work pool cleaning robot 11. Use scarcity to motivate people to action Scarcity is one of the most effective call-to-action tactics in affiliate marketing. Here are some ways to use scarcity to boost your affiliate sales: Use countdowns. A countdown done right can easily outpace even the best copywriter. Offer a limited enrollment window for courses. If you’re promoting an online course that only opens periodically.

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