This merger is due to the journalist’s extensive professional generations experience in the travel and institutional sectors. Just as she has extensive experience in the media sector.

Communications manages

The department’s external and internal communications. It also strengthens and completes the corporate management, led by Juan Cicero, and consists of the areas of Marketing and Brand Management, Sustainability Management, Communications Management professional generations Regulatory Compliance, Diversity and Institutional Relations composition.

But a tragic accident changes Juan Ignacio’s career and executive data family’s future. In 1973, his brother Miguel died and this fatal accident meant that Juan Ignacio had to take over his brother’s position in the company as commercial director of Distilleries La Navarra.

The journalist was professional generations

The director of communications, branding and sustainable development of Paradoxes, and currently serves as the cabinet director of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Presidential Office. Sonia Sánchez Plaza worked as a political reporter for Media set Spain, covering election campaigns .

Featured in the United Nations, more than 60 countries. On the other hand, she is also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Lottery and has been working in EF Leads gaming at Cadena SER for almost two years as Director of Political Information. The journalist holds a degree in Information Science from the Completeness University of Madrid, an Executive MBA from IE and completed the Eased Director’s Course.

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