Know your potential clients like yourself 2.3 3. Fine-tune Product Visionaries your .Instagram profile 2.4 4. Create a lead magnet 2.5 5. Create engaging content 2.6 6. Accelerate your reach with advertising 2.7 7. Interact with your community 3 Conclusion on getting clients on Instagram Today’s post comes to shed light in this direction. With her, who is also my light. Eva López is going to teach you customer acquisition in the same way she applies it today. And I must tell you that it has been trained with really VERY GOOD people at customer acquisition: through cold traffic, through social Ads or through funnel, like David Randulfe or Jenny Ruiz .

Through social Ads Product Visionaries or through funnel

In addition to myself (in real launches), I have been selling “by shovel” on the Internet for top industry data years. I leave you with Eva. Today I’m not going to tell you 3 quick tricks to get clients on Instagram. I’m also not going to tell you how to make viral reels or the latest fashion strategy. I’m going to tell you my story. Like a little entrepreneur who was eating her snot and was a month away from applying at Mercadona… …she began to have a full schedule of clients for three months and was overwhelmed because she couldn’t handle so much work.

When I started entrepreneurship

In this post I am going to tell you the EF Leads strategy I followed for this and how you can start implementing it in your business so that you end up with as much stress as I did. So your biggest problem is figuring out where you fit that client into your busy schedule. Go for it. The biggest mistakes I made when trying to attract clients on Instagram When I started entrepreneurship, the first thing I did was open a website and an Instagram account. I started offering web design services for therapists and saw that my competition was moving a lot through this platform. So I said “well, I’m going to give it a go.” My website turned out very cute. And my cute Instagram account too.

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