As a designer, everything was very visual and Breaking News very beautiful. During the first 3 months on Instagram I got 60 followers. Of course, none of them were potential clients . Most of them were other web designers who followed me to keep me on their radar. Also my 5 lifelong friends who supported me with a little heart. So, even though I published and wanted to, no one asked me about my web design services. It was very sad. I didn’t eat a breadstick. But as an entrepreneur I did not give up and started making a thousand strategies, to see if the flute sounded with one: I started following other users so they could follow me (follow to follow).

Thought that if I Breaking News copied them

I liked other accounts like crazy so they industry email list would discover my profile and follow me back. I was sending DMs. To potential clients left and right to see if any sales fell through. I made reels with trending music and dancing in the hope that one would go viral. I watched my competition closely and tried to copy their posts. I thought that if I copied them and it worked for them, it would have to work for me… I invested in advertising to get more reach and followers, but it was a disaster because I did it without a strategy.

Network so that clients could be referred

I threw more than €500 in the trash. After EF Leads a year of posting without results and losing money, I gave up on Instagram. “Instagram is useless”, “The algorithm hates me”, “It’s a shitty social network” And I stopped wasting time. I made an effort to network so that clients could be referred to me. This strategy helped me survive, but I was barely making ends meet. I worked for other marketing agencies and other entrepreneurs. He sold me for two dollars. I sold my custom websites between €300 and €400. Until one day everything changed… One day I received a carousel from a certain Jenny Ruiz through an ad on Instagram .

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