Naturally Mention Target Keywords if You

If you have a blog or post about dog toys, you can mention the phrase ‘dog toys ’ in the first 100 words of your blog or page.

The sooner you enter these keywords, the higher you will rank in Google searches. It is also a good idea to mention as many keywords and topics as possible. The more instances a keyword has, the better it will rank on Google.

Site visitors can tell when a keyword is natural and when it is not. If you fill in keywords in places where they don’t fit, it will automatically look forced and the content of the post will be broken, making it difficult to read. Make sure the flow of your writing appears natural and planned.

Use outbound and internal links

Outbound links are literally links to other websites that have greater authority than your website on the topic you are writing Ws Database about. For example, if you’re talking about a specific product, you could link to Amazon or a big box store that sells or specializes in the type of product you’re mentioning.

Internal links (an example is a link to another post or page on your site. If you have an article about the differences between two different breeds of dog, add a link to the breed-specific article on your website in the new article.

This will keep people on your website, naturally increasing organic traffic and boosting your Google rankings. Having a page on your site that doesn’t contain any other internal links is like a room without a door.

Check Site Speed if Your Site Takes More Than a

If you use WordPress, there are many ways to improve your site speed using add-ons. There are many options for image compression.

Choosing the right hosting site is another important factor. A shared hosting package might EF Leads be right for you. You may need a dedicated server to get the fastest loading times.

Shared hosting can start at $5 per month , but since you’re sharing a server with other sites, a surge in traffic from other sites you’re sharing with can affect site speed. Dedicated servers can solve some complex problems, but they require a lot more work and technical setup. It also costs more.

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