SEO Search Engine Optimization is anything that can improve your ranking in Google searches. Even small improvements to your Google rankings every day can help your website rise to the top in the long run.

If you’re down a rabbit hole and come across information that’s cluttering your mind, we’ll help you break it down so you can increase your website traffic and organic search rankings.

Using a website you don’t own, like Medium, will not result in your portfolio ranking as high as using your own website.

Use the Right Freelance Website WordPress Sites Are

If you use a website like Blogspot or WordPress, you can use your own domain (which is very cheap at around $10 per year).

If you’re new to WordPress or Blogspot, there are tons of tutorials online Ws Data to help you create your own site. However WordPress seems to be the more popular option due to the many opportunities it offers to customize and easily add content to your site.

WordPress offers a variety of options, including layouts and add-ons, to create the best website. WordPress is One of the Most Popular. Site-building Platforms , It’s Free to Use and Can Be Customized. To Suit Your Needs.

Make sure your URL is SEO friendly

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It’s important to keep your URLs short and concise. However Urls With a Lot of Keywords. (4 to 6 Short Words) Are More Likely. However To Rank Higher in Google Search Than Urls. With No Keywords or No Information. About the Link to the User.

Additionally, if you keep it short and to the EF Leads point, it will rank higher in search engines than if it were not. Exclude words like a, the, of, and for. These words are usually filtered out in Google search queries and will only hinder your website’s SEO.

It’s Also Easier for Beginners. With Little or No Technical. However Know-how in Coding or Programming. To Use Than Its Main. Competitors, Joomla or Drupal.

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