The intention of Marketing in generating leads is to take. Them to the sales team to convert them into customers. And for that, the more information collected from potential customers, the better. Therefore, More Possibilities Interactive maps generate reports on all engagement of the person who accessed them , and this data can be extremely important for sales. After all, suppose a prospect has shown interest in certain points on the map when you interact with them. Therefore, The seller can use this information to better understand what the user wants and therefore carry out a more appropriate business process.

More Possibilities How to Create an Interactive Map

The first step to creating an email database interactive map on your. Therefore,Website is to define the objectives that must be achieved from it. Like marketing strategies, this planning is essential for successful implementation. The next step is to determine the tool with which the map will be made. Below, we suggest two tools that make this type of creation possible. Google Maps is dedicated to queries and generating geographic. Therefore, Maps, being a widely used resource to show the physical location of companies.

Interesting Examples of Interactive Maps Made in Ion

One of the ideas implemented on BASF’s website EF Leads through Ion was to allow visitors to create a virtual. Coastal park with the intention of protecting the Red Hook neighborhood from natural storms. Therefore, The interactive map gets people exploring the park through the website. With London Technology Week approaching, the UBM team turned. To ion to create a fun, interactive experience on their website. Therefore, In it, the interactive map allowed visitors to take a virtual tour of the event, even in real time.

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