To talk about defining commercialcommercial proposal proposals, it is best to start by putting ourselves in a situation. Imagine the following context: How to defineWe are preparing the launch of a new product (or failing that we have to relaunch an existing one). We have some commercial objectives to meet. It is time to move from theory to practice and capture the value proposition of our product on a product page, advertising creatives, commercial speech, etc. You can imagine that moment, right? In this situation we have several alternatives, but we must not lose sight of the fact that our objective as marketing professionals is to manage customer satisfaction .

How to defineToo perfect business proposal

When it comes to highlighting the benefits of our product, we can be tempted to try to create the perfect proposal, How to definewith the solution to all industry email list possible objections, payment facilities,winning-commercia promotion to push the purchase,…how-to-keyAhow-to-de In theory this is what we should always do, How to defineright? But what .  Happens, it transmits the feeling of “anxiety” about selling. We are putting on our side of the scale more than what the client expects and we make him wonder, where is the trick? commercial proposalWhy do they offer me so many things if I already liked the product or service without .how-to-keyA.   Winning-commerciaAny of this? Or if I wasn’t completely convinced, why did they offer me so many things?

How to defineWinning business proposals

And yet, when we have a well-defined and .  Powerful product or service (step 0 for a winning EF Leads commercial proposal), we don’t need so many fireworks. how-to-keyAThe product is sold “alone”. Does this mean that we should not define an attractive how-to-deand complete proposal . how-to-keyANo not at all. It means that the commercial proposal must be the companion of the product, not the protagonist. Our commercial .  Proposal must meet the needs of our audience.  Previously defined in the value proposition , not go above and beyond. winning-commercia.  The image that accompanies the article ( too perfect commercial proposal ) is from Freepik.  Howhow-to-de to define .  commercial proposalwinning-commerciaDo you like what you are reading.  Subscribe to my newsletter. 

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