Therefore, Instagram is in fashion ! Nobody doubts it. Nobody questions that this social network does not stop growing either, since it ended the year with more than 300 million active users within its social network. But with so many users on this platform, are you clear about which profiles stand out from the rest, apart from celebrities or brands? What are the Spanish Instagram accounts that we should follow in 2015? With an interview conducted with 24 of the most influential people in Social Media in 2014, Alianzo has made a forecast of how social networks will evolve in 2015.

From the responses

Of the influencers it has been concluded that Instagram is the platform for which these people are betting on greater growth in 2015.With this data, I think it is important executive email list for all of us to know which Spanish Instagram accounts we should follow in 2015 on this social network, without them being celebrities or brands. As in other social networks, on this platform there are also people and accounts whom you must follow so that the time you dedicate to this social network is not only to see photos (selfies) of friends and family. Don’t forget one of the keys in social media is to follow influencers from each social network. I leave you this article with things you should not do on social networks.

If you have already

Therefore, Wondered who to follow on Instagram, below. I will show you 15 accounts of people like you and me that if you don’t follow yet, you can’t miss. They are EF Leads Instagrammers who talk about travel, fashion. Gastronomy, architecture, photography, comics, etc. Alfonso Casas is a young illustrator. Who since 2007 has collaborated with his illustrations in different newspapers and magazines. He usually uploads many images of his drawings. He has 48,600 followers . If you liked this list and want to know other interesting Instagram accounts around the world. I recommend this article with 25 accounts to follow in 2015 by Francisco Cardoso .

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