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rather than something that you chase revenue with.” 17. How We Use the Pillar-Cluster Model to Transform Our Blog | HubSpot Marketing Blog Recommende By: Basha Coleman, Marketing Manager at HubSpot, Historical Optimization Why She Loves It: “This article is a stellar introduction to a new and improve.

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— not just on blogs, but on websites as well. Before the pillar-cluster model, we truly built blogs like a tree, with a multitude of branches that didn’ new database t interconnect. Relevance, authority, and organic traffic all suffere. But the pillar-cluster model change everything, and we swear by it to this day. Our team constantly refers to the establishment of the pillar-cluster model as the turning point for the HubSpot blogs.” 18. What I Learne From Developing Branding for Airbnb, Dropbox and Thumbtack | FirstRound Recommende By: the HubSpot Content Team

“We love this article because it

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gives us a close look at how some of the world’s best-love  EF Leads brands become so well-love. This post is part original think piece and part how-to guide. While none of us work in brand management directly, we come back to this article again and again for its helpful insight on how we can play a part in making HubSpot a better brand. All marketers would benefit from alluding to this article again and again during their campaigns and positioning efforts.”

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