There are other ways to identify if you are dealing with a true influencer. Therefore features that you can see this by doing a short tour of the account. And taking into account that the factors are being met for a long time. When entering that profile you should focus on the following. Content is published regularly. This means that no more than two days go by without making a relevant publication. Posts generate interest in a short time. Don’t be impressed by interactions in posts that have been published for more than 6 months. Time can give more scope. What you should see is what their engagement is in hours. The chosen topics are current. This says a lot about the professional since, if he is at the forefront of the topics in his niche, he is a profile recognized.

Look Features that at the optimization of your account

All social networks have search engines, therefore it is top industry data possible to practice some SEO techniques to position yourself in searches.Therefore on Linkedin it is no different. When you search for a word that defines your niche, you will get featured users, but the algorithm does not locate them only by their relevance, the use of keywords also influences. When you see a member who has optimized their bio, uses numbers, integrates keywords and is easy to find, then you are looking at a person concerned and busy with their online profile. Pay attention to those first results that the search engine gives you, but do not leave aside all the recommendations to correctly identify an influencer on Linkedin.

Develop relationships and pay attention

Influence on Linkedin is normally established through EF Leads exchanges.Therefore since these are professionals. Who want to establish relationships with other professionals in their profession. In this sense, it is essential that you also take care of your image. To successfully recruit you need other people to also want to work with you. For this you must apply the same strategies, try to be relevant in your sector, maintain an optimized profile and be an active user . Only in this way will you generate trust so that others want to work with you. Don’t just be a ghost business on Linkedin. Work on your brand or business. As in the previous cases, be constant .

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