Why We all want more linking root domains that are editorial in nature. The good links, from people that really want to talk about your business. I know many of you would love to have a list of sites that are strong and have heard of you already. The outreach is much easier that way! How better to do that than reach out to current customers that have websites?

My example: (if I were spotify that is)

Spotify profile

Please note that the highlighted field is not in their current profile section. I added it. But how awesome would it be if it was there? Of spotify’s 10 million registered users, what if only 5% filled that out? That’s 500,000 urls of people that use your product! How many of you would love to have 500,000 possible new linking root domains? Depending on your company size and how many people you have registered on your site and how often you get new registrations, this could be lower (or higher!), naturally. The point is still the same, these are people that know your brand and are therefore easier to contact.

While you are at it, you might ask if India Car Owner Phone Number List they have twitter handles. This can help you contact them and really interact with them, hopefully turning them into advocates. Think of the companies using klout scores to engage with the influential. (I’m not one of those, and no I’m not jealous *kicks dirt*)

Then we will consider what to do with this information to impact not only links but also building advocates for your brand. Read that as long term growth and revenue, because that is what brand advocates do for you.

Tips for adding “Website” to your form

Special Database

Don’t make it mandatory to enter this information.
Not everyone owns 20 domains like most of us do (or 2,000, or 2 million). But if you ask, people might give that information to you. It might be in hopes for EF Leads  a link (which you might do) or just because they are filling out the information requested.
Don’t clutter your initial contact form with it.
Cro lawhort as possible. If you already just ask for name and email address, then stay with that. They can fill out the information later.
Let them know there is more information to fill out.

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