The complete content marketing toolkit Categories Blog posts Published November 2022Tags digital marketing , marketing , marketing tasks , marketing communication , content production , content producer , content marketing The content marketing toolkit includes, among other things, modern work tools. High-quality content marketing does not actually require huge investments in numerous different services or software licenses. There are several free options on the market, for example for writing, graphic design and

Organizing tasks

The content marketing toolkit we built will help you produce professional content in no time! The best tools for marketers recommended by Smoothly Content calendar The content business database calendar helps to plan the content and stay on the desired content publishing pace. However, you don’t need a tool other than Excel to prepare a content calendar! Excel is flexible and you can build a marketing annual clock or a content calendar template in Excel, and edit it in a format that suits you. Ready-made content calendar templates can also be

Downloaded in excel

 In the Engage phase you can use artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. Chatbots and virtual assistants offer fast and personal service when human EF Leads resources are perhaps limit. Artificial intelligence can be us to analyze customer behavior and offer them personaliz content and recommendations. In the Measure phase we measure everything so that we can develop marketing with the right measures at the right time. Just-in-time and as accurate as possible measurement is important when

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