Use an already proven marketing model

Purchase path should proceed seamlessly from Use an already one stage to the next, so that the customer has easy access to the necessary items. The purchase path can be divided into three parts: Getting to know each other . In the initial phase, the customer becomes aware of the need, in. Which case the solution offered by your company must be prominently displayed, for example, in the results of search engines or through paid advertising. Commitment. Next, the customer considers and compares different services or products.

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To have a wide range of content in your company’s content and social media that support the customer’s thinking and offer tangible benefits. Decision. In order for the business lead customer to make a decision to buy products or services, the customer must be supporte in his decision. At this stage of the purchase path, it is important to make the decision straightforward and easy by offering clear ways to get in touch and by producing content necessary for decision-making. Smoothly offers all the necessary parts of content

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Same service with a transparent monthly fee, so you can save time, money and energy in marketing. Get to know our service . Here you can read examples of tasks and content that you can delegate to Smoothly’s content creators. Frequently EF Leads asked questions . Here you’ll find comprehensive answers to puzzling questions, or you can contact us directly. Hundreds of marketers already use Smoothly’s digital service platform as marketing support. Now try flexibly producing content and delegating marketing routines without notice

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