How can you solve this by using programmatic advertising . Advertising solutions on wearables and TV ? You have to look for new ways to connect with the audience. For example, a very popular format for this type of content is Product Placement , since the brand is integrated. Into the story and is not seen as intrusive advertising. Ideally, you should do them in a way that is personalized and relevant to them, without generating. Annoying interruptions but it is not the only option, since much of the revolution in programmatic. Advertising on television will be reflected in Shoppable TV. This is a new format in which purchases join the viewing experience. So in the future, this type of advertising is expected to offer new ways to connect with viewers. For example, offering the user the possibility.

Online radio and podcast

We mainly talk about programmatic industry email list advertising on wearables and TV. But currently it is also present in online radio programs and podcasts. This is a consequence of the fact that these audio pieces are increasingly. Consumed by users because they do not require visual attention. So much so, that according to an  study , in Spain,  of internet users listen to podcasts. At least once a month. While  of listeners have started consuming them in the last 3 years. It also indicates that they listen to it for an average of 6 hours and 30 minutes a week, that is, almost an hour each day. It should be noted that programmatic audio ads can be found in podcasts, but also in the reproduction of articles and streaming music . 

Work with programmatic advertising

You already know the advances in programmatic EF Leads advertising. On wearables and TV, as well as online radio and podcasts. In addition, you have been able to discover some techniques so that you can incorporate. It into your marketing plan . Which will allow you to reach younger audiences interested in technology. This represents a great opportunity for advertisers. It must be taken into account that the market share of programmatic advertising has not stopped growing in recent years. Much of the success is because it is more accurate, saves time/resources, and significantly improves ROI. Now, if you are looking for help finding advertising space, at Antevenio we will give you a hand. You will like to know that we have Programmatic. Buying services through which you will be able to expand the reach of your brand through this type of advertising.

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