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For example, I did a search in Google for “payday loans” and nine out of 10 results were websites offering me a payday loan. The other was Wikipedia. Why would I want nine identical websites with identical content and identical services in my top ten? What if I simply wanted to learn about payday loans and not necessarily get one?

Related to this would be what is in the search results. I had Google Places and Google News in my search results as well. Many searches return videos or images too. I think search engines are trending toward offering a variety of results for a search query.

The best way to show variety to Google is to be unique and different from your competition. Use multi-media in your content. Offer a service that isn’t out there. Do something that varies from the other millions of websites out there.


By vision I am referring to the actual design of your website

It’s long past time for search engines to start recognizing websites with such bad designs that it gets in the way of the content. I hate finding these websites. You all know the ones I am talking about. In case you don’t, here is a good example:

Website designs are usually the hallmark of Austria Business Fax List a scam. Endless text. A million calls to action. Every sentence is a different font, color and size. You know the drill, we have all seen them. I am confident that at some point in the future search engines will be able to identify sites with designs that aren’t just merely ugly but are actually detrimental to the usability of the site.

Search engines do not want to display sites in their results that are impossible to navigate and use

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I expect that soon they will do something EF Leads  about it and penalize sites with such bad designs that people will have trouble using them.


Let’s be honest, a website with valuable, valid content that adds 100 new pages a day is simply going to be perceived by users as a higher quality website. ESPN blows my college football blog out of the water.

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