We also updated the order of the tools, to better reflect how you edit. To the far left, we moved the tools that most of you start with. The more advanc tools, which are typically used at the end of the editing process, are on the right. So now, editing feels more second nature as you naturally move from left to right.

This approach isn’t just more intuitive for everyone, it also makes the learning process easier for those of you who are just starting out.

“I really like this change. It feels more streamlined and honestly natural as I was able to jump right in. It did not feel jarring at all.”

Jonathan Community Member

Try it today
We already introduced a preview of our new interface to some members of our community, who are excited about the way it makes editing faster and easier.

But what do you think? Is there Belgium Business Fax List anything you’d improve?

If you’re interest in testing the new Lightroom redesign on iOS or Android, simply open this link on your mobile device to enable the New editor. Tap on the “Send Feedback” button that appears under the New editor in the Early access screen to share your thoughts.

Alternatively, follow these four steps

Fax Lists

Open your Lightroom mobile app
For iOS users, tap on the 3-dot menu (⋯) in the top EF Leads right and go to your App settings. For Android users, tap the 3-line menu (☰) on the top left.
Tap Early access and enable the New editor
Tap Send Feedback to share your thoughts
We’re looking forward to hearing what you think — and helping you capture and share your unique photos with your community.

There is also a welding tool preset to show metal joinery that can also be customized to whatever your project needs.

All these tools, including the presets for top stitching, seam, puckering and welding, are includwith Painter.

To learn more about how to use tool presets, check out this tool presets tutorial.

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