for another year with a list of 80 women that I admire in the digital marketing sector. Some women on this list broke the glass ceiling a long time ago and are role models for the entire sector. Others are women who are making great strides 80 Leading Women towards the top of digital marketing, and I am sure that they will soon lead great projects. I want to dedicate this post to all of them, for having the courage to overcome the obstacles and social stigmas that we unfortunately still encounter. And with their efforts they pave the way for new generations to positions of greatest responsibility.

The courage to overcome 80 Leading Women 

in digital marketing. This list is only a small selection of women I know, most of them I have met at marketing conferences, at the Marketing And Web school, at other schools with which I collaborate or through their blogs and/or social networks executive email list But this list is completely subjective, there are many more women breaking glass ceilings in the digital marketing sector, whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. If you think I’ve forgotten someone, tell me in the comments and I’ll take it into account for the next update.

 Women breaking glass ceilings

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