My answer is, it depends. It really depends on 3 things. your audience Your blog topic and Your website traffic If you have a website that receives huge traffic (more than 100,000 visitors per month) from search engines, AdSense can be a good choice. Finding and using Keyword High CPC (cost per click) can generate huge AdSense income. But if you are in a competitive niche and you have enough traffic (from Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) and you have hungry buyers via email. mailing list or managing a specific niche, affiliate marketing may be the best option. . Here are some tips for successful affiliate marketing. Choose only certain products that you personally use or love. Only then will you be able to write great reviews about them to increase your sales. Master the art of copywriting. The way you write your sales copy helps you increase the sales of your affiliate products. So be sure to spend some time learning how to write compelling copy.

When writing product reviews

Don’t sound like a salesperson. Don’t upload your affiliate links too often. It is enough to use only 2 or 3 links and you can increase your sales by focusing on the benefits rather than the features of the product. Here are some tips to be successful with Oman Phone Number List Google AdSense. Don’t use links. A lot of people give you AdSense tips and tricks, and most of them are vague and useless. Do not buy AdSense accounts from others. If someone is already making a profit from their accounts, why would they sell them to you at a low price? Test, test and test. The more you test your AdSense ad slots, banners, and placement, the more revenue and clicks you can get. Affiliate Marketing and AdSense Pro Tip: If you’re just starting out, create good content and get more traffic from Google.

Apply for AdSense

Start using it to earn your first dollars. Once you get decent income from AdSense, start building your email. mailing list and introduce affiliate products to your audience. Slowly switch from AdSense to affiliate marketing and you will get reliable income from your websites. FAQ | Affiliate Marketing vs. AdSense. Can I use AdSense and Affiliate? Yes, you EF Leads can place Google Ads and affiliate banners/links on the same page. What are the best alternatives to Google AdSense? and Mediavine could be the best alternatives to Google AdSense for me . Which is better between Affiliate Marketing and AdSense? Without even thinking about it, affiliate marketing is the best. Because you can earn huge commissions even if your blog is smaller. How to get started with affiliate marketing? Create a blog and start promoting the best affiliate programs in your niche.

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