On Twitter, this is especially the case after April 15th, as the “For You” feed will consist only of paying users past that date.
However, whether this upcoming move will actually drive more users to subscribe to Twitter Blue remains to be seen. At present, fewer than 1 percent of active Twitter users are also subscribers.

What Other Factors Affect a Tweet’s Visibility

The world of digital marketing is already in the process of adjusting to all of Twitter’s ongoing changes. However, this latest insight into how the Ws Database algorithm works should be helpful moving forward.
Marketers already know that brand voice, use of visuals, buzz, and timeliness are essential on Twitter. Now they’re even more aware of how important it is to format tweets correctly and leverage visuals to expand reach. Brands may also want to consider authenticating their presence on the platform with a Twitter Blue subscription to help maximize reach.However, the most effective way to succeed on Twitter remains to produce a consistent stream of high-quality content that engages audiences and is in step with current trends. The smarter the algorithm becomes, the more important quality will be.

How Much Weight Do Different Factors Carry


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Although Twitter decided against officially releasing model EF Leads weights as they relate to the algorithm, independent coders have managed to uncover the data regardless. Take a look at this tweet from Peter Yang for more information.

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