Transparent Properly secure servers are able to block most hacker attacks, e.g. by deleting infecte files before they are on the server or blocking IP addresses trying to access your website. . Unsecure admin panel (wp-admin) The WordPress admin panel gives the user access to settings and the ability to perform (almost) any operation relate to the WordPress site. This is also the most frequently attacke area when it comes to this CMS. Leaving it unprotecte is an additional gateway for hackers who can try various password cracking methods, even very limite brute-force ones. 

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There are many ways to protect the location. The first thing that absolutely every administrator must do is choose a really strong password. It is best if it is a long, meaningless string of characters, containing photo editor both letters, numbers and special characters. A password generator website can help you with this. In addition to a strong password, it is worth considering additional security of the admin panel by setting an additional password in the hosting panel location or using a two-factor authentication plugin. Google Two-Factor Authenticator. Our servers have protection that protects thewp-admin panel.

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Backups are made daily store on disk for up to days. It’s better not to panic Security issues are part of the reality of every website owner. Anyone can be hacke. However, you should not become paranoid, because WordPress itself is very secure! There are no hard studies/statistics on this, but it can be assume that % of EF Leads all attacks on WordPress are the fault of the site administrator or hosting company, and not the system itself. To sum up, if your website runs on a truste hosting, uses a proven theme and plugins, has admin panel security and the current system version.

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