A result and not something that should be planned. Which is clearly a huge mistake. Clients don’t expect you to be perfect. They expect you to provide them with solutions when they have a problem. donald porter planning attention to the interaction is a task that must be thought about from multiple fronts: how to increase it, how to attend to it and how to make it an entertaining experience for the interlocutor. In the first, what are designed are tactics that encourage users to interact with us. These tactics can be: starting conversations, making dialogues with other users visible – so that others are motivated – or rewarding those who get involved. The second and third tasks to consider when planning interaction—care and enhancing the experience—will be our focus in this post.

Mechanisms businesses can interact

Today, thanks to chatbots automated response. Mechanisms businesses business email list can interact. Quickly and with their prospects or customers to guide them through conversion or service funnels. These automated mechanisms reduce response times, increase the quality of the relationship experience and optimize resource consumption. Some immediately oppose this alternative, because they consider it a dehumanization of the relationship with users. However, this generalization is not in line with current reality. Today, the development of chatbots is so advanced that it is often almost impossible to realize that we are interacting with a machine and not a person. Advances in automated response mechanisms are so profound that they allow very detailed and complex logic to serve a company’s prospects or clients.

Attention and improvement are difficult

Unlike the other tasks associated with interaction. Attention and improvement EF Leads are difficult to plan, because they appear by surprise, in the form and at the time chosen by the interlocutor. Consequently, companies need to have many resources available to respond to each interaction in a timely and correct manner. For this reason, most of the time this area of digital management is inefficient and exhausting. But this can be solved simply and cheaply, you simply need to rely on the new technologies available.

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