Stellar product positioning For example: when a potential client decides to hire an agency specializing in BB inbound marketing , he will probably want to evaluate different possibilities before deciding which one is best suit to his nes; you will then ask yourself how to choose the best one among the different proposals. Publishing an article on your blog that answers this question is an effective strategy to guide the user towards the decision. Typically, if the user is at the initial stage of the buyer’s journey , they will still be wondering whether hiring an agency is actually the best choice.

Know your market

In this case, you will ne to create another type of content. That answers this question. Download the ebook This wedding photo editing service means that each stage of the purchasing journey is different and requires different types of content. That answer different questions. We must therefore carefully evaluate where the user is at and provide the most suitable solution . Create a relationship of trust. The most recent neuro marketing research underlines the fact that purchasing decisions are driven by the part of the brain link to impulses and instincts, but also to defense. This translates into the fact that people ne to feel confident before making a purchase.

Objectives and goals

Creating a synergy between marketing and sales force is functional to this very objective: making. The prospect feel safe. The sooner this happens, The faster the purchasing journey will be complet. This is why it is important to provide prospects with. Valuable content that allows them to establish a relationship of trust and esteem. sales force. Exploit different types of content. Differentiating the contents is essential to prevent the customer from feeling bor and losing interest. Some examples are: blog articles ebooks whitepaper guides infographics EF Leads video webinar podcasts .All of this content is absolutely valid and can be taken into consideration when analyzing. The average purchasing path of users. Marketing will spread the content on a larger.

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