So learn how to do keyword research , come up with better content ideas, build backlinks, etc.) 2. Create a YouTube channel Looking for a profitable online business idea without investment? Start a YouTube channel. All you need is a free Gmail account to get started. Millions of people are starting new YouTube channels and killing it with their subscribers, views and profits. Did you know that 8-year-old Ryan Kaji was the top earner on YouTube last year? 26 million dollars ? He is one of the highest earners on YouTube. according to Forbes. . online business ideas That’s a ton of money, right? Do you know what he does on YouTube to earn that amount of money? He examines toys and experiments with them. Sounds crazy, right? Not only Ryan Kaji but also many other YouTubers who earn huge money from YouTube. You can read our detailed article on the income of the best YouTubers to find many more interesting details. Finding the RIGHT monetization strategy is key to making more money on YouTube in 2023. and later.

While there are a million ways

To monetize your YouTube channel, let’s talk about the most preferred methods for beginners. AdSense: One of the most used YouTube monetization strategies is the use of AdSense ads. But you can’t run those ads from day one. Why? Because your YouTube channel needs at least 4 hours of views in the last year and 1 subscriber. Once you reach these numbers on your channel, you can Albania Phone Number List start displaying AdSense ads and your earnings will depend on various factors such as Pay Per View (PPC): This type of ad pays you for views, and a view to an advertiser means someone watches the ads for more than 30 seconds. Pay Per Click (PPC): In this type of ad, the advertiser pays you money based on the number of clicks. Your followers (including their viewing country) And many other things Sell ​​Your Products: This is the BEST monetization strategy for YouTube.

You don’t need to rely on AdSense

Anymore because you can sell your products. You can sell anything related to your channel including; e-books Now browsing courses Product Brand Collaborations: Another popular monetization strategy that most YouTubers use is to collaborate with others, including brands, people, software companies, and more. A co-branding is a strategic partnership EF Leads between a brand and you where you promote their products or services in exchange for money. You can use influencer marketing platforms like FameBit which gives you access to over 400 active referral opportunities worldwide. 3. Start sending Dropshipping is a booming online business. If done right, it can be the most profitable online business idea that requires minimal initial investment and high profit margins.

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