Get more traffic to their blog and rank well in the top 10 search results. Reduced traffic can have a serious impact on most businesses. Google is known for making frequent algorithm changes to provide a better user experience. So it’s important to keep an eye on Google’s updates and try to fix your site to improve your ranking (this can also help you get a better DA). How to set Google penalties? Monitor your site’s ranking . If you don’t look, you won’t notice the Google penalty. You can use the following tools; Google Analytics: This helps to know the overall health of the website and allows you to monitor the evolution of organic traffic. This tool interacts with many other SEO tools available online. In addition to monitoring website traffic, you can also check the ranking status. Google Search Console : This is also a free tool that helps you monitor your website traffic. Semrush: Extremely useful for finding and troubleshooting website issues.

To perform a website audit using Semrush

You can read this guide. You can also use this helpful page from Moz to check Google’s major updates . How do I get my Google penalty back? Poor quality backlinks hurt your website badly. This can damage your website beyond repair. To avoid these bad backlinks, avoid getting links from Websites with duplicate content Sites not related to your Saudi Arabia Phone Number List niche Light content sites Adult sites, casino sites, etc. 95% of Google penalties are just related to your site’s backlinks, so identify the backlinks that are causing your ranking to drop. Why is my domain authority dropping? One of the most frequently asked questions is “what should I do if my site’s DA domain authority goes down?” “. First of all, domain authority is only a metric, not a ranking factor. While a good DA score indicates that a site has high-quality links.

Guarantee a first-page ranking

There are so many cases where DA of sites go from 50 to 30 or even below within a few months and there are also cases where a site with a lower DA score is ranked #1 in Google. So what can be learned from this? DA has nothing to do with your search ranking. DA is a search metric created by Moz (not Google!). Instead of worrying about why your website’s DA has dropped, focus more on how to properly optimize your content for your target keywords EF Leads and attract relevant links. This way you can increase your search ranking. Also, there is another question that most people ask, “What makes a good DA and PA?” » There is no rule of thumb for how much DA or PA a website should have, but if your DA is preferably above 65, most keywords generally rank well. The average DA for most “good sites” is 30.

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