One of the most accept brand health bas on the following dimensions b b international. Awness and usage – customers know your brand and may consider it. Its measurement therefore comes critical brand positioning. The brand clearly position in the mind and represents their first purchase option brand delivery : the brand delivers on its prome bas on metrics such as net promoter score nps sentiment analys brand recognition interviews and focus groups rockcontent . Th makes it difficult for the reader to assimilate differences given the high numr of exting models. We rememr the main models see figure : figure.

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Classification of brand equity models according to approach and type of valuation. Source: forero siabato and duque oliva in conclusion and in view of the explosion of models and dimensions to measure it worth rememring that each company has to adopt its own strategies bas on its msion values ​​and objectives . Faithful to its purpose and from a great mobile app development service knowlge of its clients it tests those channels and processes likely to contribute or undermine th capital which gives it a clear competitive advantage. February m dolores méndez aparicio applications manager at mutua madrileña dr. In economics legal economic and social sciences maulemas.

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L Measuring corporate reputation: definition and data. Business society – . Webster n Webster’s rev unabridg dictionary of the englh language: the dictionary proper ing the authentic g. C. Merriam company how can chat gpt improve customer EF Leads experience how can chat gpt improve customer experience technology advancing rapidly and one of the latest innovations that can significantly improve customer experience chat gpt . Chat gpt a natural language model develop by openai that uses artificial intelligence ai to communicate with users in a fluid and natural way. It bas on a natural language processing.

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