Google ads seem like a great way to build a business, often provide great returns, and provide consistent, reliable traffic to your business.

But can it scale in the long term?

Also: Be sure to check out How Google Works. The prices in this graph compare to the original prices in 2012 . Example: From 2021 to 2022, prices will actually only increase by 44% on average.

If you look back at Google advertising over the past 10 years, you’ll see that the cost per click has risen significantly across a variety of niches.

Looking at this graph, you can see that if you paid for finance keywords in 2012, you’re currently paying approx.

People Advertise Does It Necessarily Have to Be Profitable

The financial sector had the highest year-on-year PPC inflation, averaging 44% over the past 10 years.

But if people advertise, does it necessarily have to be profitable?
Of course that’s right. CPC inflation occurs Whatsapp Number List  because companies bid higher than each other on suspended keywords. This also means that it must be profitable for some.

But in 2012, the cost per click was often pennies, there were few competitors in the market, and all of them had high return on advertising.

Back then, it was very easy to outbid one another and still make a high profit. In 2022, there are more competitors than ever before, and prices are starting to become truly scary for amateur marketers.

The Future of Digital Marketing Nowadays People

Nowadays, people can earn big money without knowing much about small business advertising. This indicates that this market is still untapped and CPC inflation will continue to increase.

But at some point, Google advertising will become a competition EF Leads for experts only. When we created Theoritentamen in Testenno, it was clear that our competitors were spending a lot of money on advertising, and in fact there was too much for us to compete with.

What Professional Marketers Need to Know
Professional marketers who truly understand what it means and what to do to market a product, service, or brand should be respected.

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