Content picks revise while you’re creating The biggest enemy of aspiring writers is perfectionism. It is unnecessary, boring and in practice leads nowhere. If you really want to write faster and be more productive, you nee to forget about your habit of eiting and correcting text while writing. You waste more time than you think. how to write faster – corrections A huge obstacle to entering a state where words come to you easily is the belief that your text must be perfect and that the reader will be offende if it is otherwise. In fact, it is an illusion , because the reader is usually looking for reinforcement of faith in what he already knows, not a revolutionary text.

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Start eiting and making any corrections only when you think your work is complete. However, do not do this immeiately after writing your work. Wait at least an hour before starting.  Forget about censorship Another mistake that is partially relate to photo editor perfectionism is excessive censorship. She is that little voice in your head that tells you that a certain sentence or choice of words is incorrect. To write faster, you nee to overcome the nee to censor your thoughts and correct every word. how to write faster – censorship. The above-mentione censorship is not about swearing or hate speech. On the contrary. If you feel you have to be polite – be.

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If you feel like you should remove a sentence that contains the phrase no shit! from your subjective review – delete! That’s what it’s all about! Do and write what you feel, but don’t attach great importance to whether a given sentence will destroy your post or whether a given wordplay is appropriate. You’re not writing a PhD thesis or an article for Bloomberg which – at this point – should make you happy. . Use the trick Sometimes a flash will appear in our head that will give us a great idea for a specific EF Leads word, sentence or paragraph. At this point, in most cases, the words start writing themselves and we are unstoppable.

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