The keyword tool will help you find the following most popular  search volumes: keyword: search /month Eva Wahlström 8800 Robert Helenius 4400 punching bag 2900 boxing 2400 Amin’s Customer 1900 boxing gloves 1900 fitness boxing 1900 boxing news 260 Remember the long tail keywords At this stage. it is also good to note that the suggestions and found keywords are still quite general.

keywords in the subject area with their

We would probably create our own africa email list unique content about both boxing gloves and boxing punches. in which case  specific search terms under both topics to use as part of the content. The keyword research should therefore be expand at least one level deeper and find so-call long tail keywords. The term in question is most often us for a more specific keyword containing several words. For example.

We would still have to find our own more

For example this would be the search EF Leads term ‘boxing gloves for fitness boxing’. The picture shows a peacock with its long tail. It is also important to remember long-tail keywords in keyword research. It is also very important to note that even if a main term in a subject area contains fewer monthly searches. it may still bring more traffic if the subject area contains a lot of search long-tail keywords. The content should not be optimiz purely for one keyword. but rather with the entire topic in mind.

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