That’s why it’s vital to use Google AdWords Editor in PPC management. The time saved using this tool is unbelievable and can be time spent optimising your client’s account rather than manually changing bids and adding keywords on the AdWords interface. The below tools have been taken from AdWords Editor Version 9 and 9.5

Below are seven really useful tools that you can use in AdWords Editor that may not stand out straight away.

1. Advanced Bid Changes


Advanced Bid Changes

This tool comes in very handy if a lot of your keywords are not showing on the first page and you would like to increase the bids. When you download an account to AdWords Editor it automatically populates the first page estimated bid column.

First Page Bid

When you click the advanced bid changes China Business Fax List button a box pops up with a variety of different options.

Bid Change Box

Fax Lists

If you want all your bids to show on the first page all you have to do is check the box highlight above and click change bids. There are also other options EF Leads that you can chose such as raising bids and decreasing bids by certain percentages.

2. Replace Text

Replace Text

This is a great tool to use and one that I use quite frequently. Some clients operate or have different stores in various towns or cities. When you complete your keyword research for one city you can bang those keywords in the new campaign and replace the text with different text. In the example above I have used the keywords from my “Manchester” campaign and transferred them to my “Liverpool” campaign and replaced the word “Manchester” with “Liverpool”.

With the recent release of google adwords editor. 9 you can now manage sitelinks in editor. This makes life a lot easier as adding, deleting and editing .Sitelinks can be done a lot quicker. You can specify the order. Which you would like them to show in.

Ad extensions

Ad extensions are a great way to increase. An account’s clickthrough rate and making these manageable. Through adwords editor allows you to optimise and change these at your ease. A user has the ability to add a single.Sitelink or add multiple sitelinks with the multiple sitelink uploader.


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