The choice of the Polish. D cross sections and all information about a given product. It can be said that it is a kind of essential tool for the client, designer and installer a guide to a good project. At FAKRO, we believe that this is the future of design that will constantly evolve, says Elizbeth Sole ska. An extremely practical aspect of designing using BIM objects is the possibility of simultaneous cooperation between many specialists. Several people can make changes to the same project at the same time, which significantly shortens its preparation time. One specialist may plan sanitary installations, while the other will design electrical systems.

Building relationships, availability

For a client waiting for the implementation. Of their dream project, this is a significant photo editing servies acceleration explains Sole ska. BIM in FAKRO reliable time saving. No one at FAKRO nest to be convince that the use of BIM objects is highly time efficient. Real life situations speak for themselves. I recently talk to one of the BIM designers in our company and he describ a situation in which he and another designer combin B / windows on time using two different techniques. Designing using the BIM model took about minutes, while in the second case it took over half an hour, says Elizbeth Sole ska.

Of materials speed of arrival

BIM also means great convenience EF Leads for the client. When looking for information about a product, there is no ne to organize a great search expiation through the manufacturer’s websites, subpages and catalogues. He has all the necessary data in one place. The BIM model has links to external websites with product description, price list, instructions and assembly video. In addition, the model includes the entire technical specification and declaration of performance says Sole ska. BIMobject shortens the distance The Marketing and Cooperation with Architects Specialist at FAKRO has no problem in outlining.

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